Can You Eat After Root Canal

Can You Eat After Root Canal

After you’ve had a root canal, you may be wondering when it will be safe to eat. Getting a root canal can cause some pain and irritation in the area where the tooth was treated. It is important to know when eating after a root canal is safe so that you don’t damage your tooth further by biting or chewing too soon. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about eating after a root canal procedure. 

How Long After a Root Canal Can I Eat? 

Your dentist will likely recommend waiting at least a few hours before eating after your root canal treatment, as this will give your gums time to heal and the area time to settle down.

If you try to eat right away, there’s the potential for more pain or even an infection if food particles get stuck in the area of the treatment. Your dentist may also advise waiting until any temporary filling has been put in place before eating again. 

What Foods Should I Avoid? 

After having a root canal, it is best to stick with soft foods such as mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, or applesauce for at least two days. Eating hard or crunchy foods could cause further irritation or damage to the area of treatment.

You should also avoid sticky foods such as candy and gum as these can easily become lodged in your teeth which can lead to further dental issues.

It is important that after having a root canal treatment, you are brushing and flossing regularly but gently around that area of the mouth so that no food particles are left behind which can result in an infection or further decay of the tooth. 


Eating after a root canal is something that should not be done hastily instead, it should be done carefully and with caution. Making sure that your gums have healed properly before trying to eat anything solid can prevent any further complications from arising due to an infection or damage caused by biting into hard or crunchy foods too soon after treatment.

By following these guidelines following your root canal procedure, you ensure that there won’t be any additional issues with your teeth down the line!